ICD-10 Compliance Deadline is Getting Closer – SNVBill is Ready to Move Forward

ICD-10-Compliance--Deadline-is-Getting-CloserSylvia Burwell, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), said in a public statement. “And as we work to transform our healthcare delivery system to one that is smarter, provides better care and spends our dollars more wisely, there is a tremendous opportunity to improve value and choice for consumers and providers by empowering them with information.”  By enhancing the diagnostic codes and removing an outdated system that was put in place more than 30 years ago, the quality of care for patients should improve.

Despite any  potential ICD-10 delay, those in the medical industry would benefit from expecting no changes regarding the ICD-10 compliance deadline. At this moment in time, healthcare providers have less than six months to prepare for the transition to the new coding set. Training staff, upgrading to compliant technologies, and testing new systems will be key to preparing for the ICD-10 compliance deadline.  If medical providers or insurers are not prepared by October 1, 2015, ICD-10 could negatively impact their entity when filing and processing claims.  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) currently have a countdown on their website calculating the time left until the ICD-10 compliance deadline. There are only 152 days left until providers and payers must transition to the new coding set.ICD-10 implementation

At Southern Nevada Billing, we have worked hard through all the delays and are ready today to move forward.