Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we guarantee that you will have a fully dedicated team to work with in providing the utmost care in handling your credentialing with the insurances and to bill them. We take pride in our expertise of knowledgeable staff and thinking outside the box in order to have your revenue increase and is what we strive for and is our CHALLENGE everyday for the insurance company to make payment on services you provided.

No that is the way it should be for a billing service and feel that having your business is what we take pride in so why should you have to pay for that in annual fees.

That depends on your needs and what you are looking for and would be happy to discuss this further with you.

Yes most of clients are out of state along with our clients who have been with us over a decade.

Most insurances pay within 14 days of being submitted electronically and some other insurances can vary between 30-90 days and depending if there are no problems with eligibility or further review from the insurance companies end.

Yes you can have many types of specialties that you can perform and can be reported separately to keep track of your revenue.

Yes it is our dedication to review accounts that need our attention when knowing the insurance companies are stalling to make that payment to you for your services that you provided.

It is cost effective due to expenses for a staff compared to a billing service and we are truly dedicated and we don’t call in sick.

No – once electronic claims go through our clearinghouse they are sent and there is no delay. However if you are awaiting Medicare and Medicaid approval for PTAN numbers we can’t bill until you are approved with these programs.

With electronic billing claims submitted some insurances will pay in as little as 14 days with direct deposit.

Please note Intuit Payment Network has changed. It is now Intuit QuickBooks Payment.


To ensure your payment is processed correctly please click on the Pay Now Button on your email you received for invoices, it will be directed to the new login screen. If you have a saved link to Intuit Payment Network please update to the new Intuit QuickBooks Payment link .


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If you have any additional questions regarding our services please feel free contact us at (702) 453-3799 or click here to use our contact form.